Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My kits are sold out. Working on more. Will update with details.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kits are still available

I still have 2 Just Celebrate kits available for anyone interested. The cost is $15.00 per kit.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Family Blog

I have been trying to find a few minutes to connect to anything besides helping with Math homework and spring cleaning.

While I do the things I don't like to do, I think.

I have decided to seperate my family from the stamping aspect of my life. Although they come first, many of you may not want to hear about Blaine and his scouting experiences or Ethan and his rock climbing whatevers.

So, I have created a blog specific to my family. Please feel free to check us out. I will add things as frequently as I can, but that way, when you want to see cards, that's all you'll get. The stencil family blog will just be a bonus or at best a seperate entity all together.

Monday, April 7, 2008

More California Pictures

Here is a picture of Ethan and Blaine on the USS Midway. They really liked this exhibit. To be honest, I thought it was really cool. I'm sure there are a lot of Armed Forces officers who would clearly disagree with me. Oh sure, it's cool to spend a day on, but try 9 months. Could never handle a sub. Brave men and women. Thank you.

Well, Ethan had to take a turn freaking me out, too.

Here are Ethan and Blaine at Sea World. The boys decided to sit in the soak zone. It worked. They were soaked. Shamu or Tatoo, maybe it was Bamboo soaked the boys, Matt and my Dad. Pam and I decided not to risk it, so we sat above them. We watched them get drenched.

Here we are in Old San Diego. We were able to visit the historical site of the Mormon Battalion. An amazing group of men that traveled for 6 months on foot from Iowa to California. Unbelievable. Check out this site for more historic details.

I'm so tempted to use this in some way for Matt's office staff...What's great is Blaine's gun is bigger than Matt's.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We made it! And now Skybus has not!

This time we made our trip out to California and had a fabulous time indeed. We were so fortunate to have fabulous weather and just a fabulous time all the way around. We didn't do a lot of "commercial" vacation things, but instead tried to stay away from Spring Breakers.
We did however, go to Sea World one day and to Mission Beach where I kept my clothes on to make up for the lack thereof around me. Some people really need to buy a gym pass instead of a bathing suit. Oh, you know you think the same way...

The boys touched grass for the first time this year. We went to downtown San Diego where the Padres play.
This is Coronado Beach. So cool. We were sooo white! I love this beach because it is quiet, as far as people are concerned. There is so much Naval activity on this beach, however. The fighter planes come right in over your head. We saw a group of Navy seals running on the beach in their combat boots. Both Matt and I marveled ( I maybe marveled a bit more) at how huge those guys were. They were ginormous and could probably kill me 50 different ways with just a thumb.

Blaine has always been our little billy-goat ever since he was little. We took a trip to Sedona one time and he refused to let me hold his hand when we were hiking around. Scared me to death. We took the opportunity to go hiking one day in the Cleveland National Forest. This was a stage coach road and so we walked around a bit. Blaine climbed more than he did walk. I was scared, but I didn't want him to know it.

This is the San Diego Temple that belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is just an amazing structure and I was taken by its beatuy. Next year, Ethan will be able to attend the temple with me and the youth...I don't even want to think about him being old enough for that, but he is. The grounds surrounding the temple were so pretty.

I'm going to tell you in more detail when time permits about this dog and the luxury life he leads. Here, Camo is playing dead and Blaine is mourning his death. I think this picture is hysterically funny. Later, Blaine climbed on a tree swing that was in the shape of a saddle and the dog pulled him all over the place. Blaine looked like he was riding a bull.

More Just Celebrate Cards

Here are a couple more cards from the class...

Just Celebrate Cards

Here is what you missed if you weren't able to attend the Just Celebrate Class. I have kits put together with instructions and pre-stamped for $15.00 if you would like one. Once they're gone, that's it.
This card was stamped on Groovy Guava textured paper and the little notecard is a bi-fold where you can write a short note versus a lot of words. There is vellum paper over the top of the flowers. There is a rhinestone eyelet in the center of the middle flower. I used black staz-on to stamp the flowers and colored them in with markers. The ribbon is the new taffeta ribbon from the Idea Book and Catalog. This card was inspired by Krystie Hersch.

Here is what you missed if you weren't able to attend the Just Celebrate Class. I have kits put together with instructions and pre-stamped for $15.00 if you would like one. Once they're gone, that's it.
I will give more details later, but Matt needs to get on the computer for school.