Monday, February 25, 2008

Me and Mr. Jones

I found this picture of me and my brother while I was cleaning my craft room. It was taken on the 12th of September, 1981 at Rodger Williams Park. We were celebrating my cousin Sariah's birthday. I love how all the pictures of me during my childhood are so scary. I really must have had some bad days! But my brother, Donny, looks so cute. My maiden name was Jones, thus the title of this post. The picture I took of this page is terrible, but I was inspired by a Stampin' Up! "demo it" scrapbook page and so I ran with it with this page. I used the new rub-on's which are really easy and fun to use. The DS paper is from the new mini catalog along with the rub-on's. I would love to tell you what they are, but I'd have to run downstairs and I should be working out right now, so I won't. Sorry. By the way, the 6x6 page is not crooked, it's because of the way the picture was taken.
I must add, too that my cousin gave me a blog banner that I had up for about a month (see above picture). I forgot to thank her for that. I'm sorry Sariah. Thank you for the great blog banner you had made for me. I change things around a lot, so don't take offense that I took down your design.

The birthday card I made is a tester. I was just playing around last night. I want to tell you, however, because you may not be able to see, but on the whisper white card stock, I stamped-off in soft sky some balloons. The whisper white by itself was plain.

I really like the colors here. I saw a diaper bag at church yesterday and these were the colors they had in them. Actually the chocolate chip was the dominating color in the bag, but I didn't want the recipient of this card to feel dark and sad on their birthday. Hey, birthdays can hurt.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blue and Gold or Wicked?

I bought tickets to see Wicked a long time ago. Yes, I have seen it already (be quiet some of you), but this time, we were going with a group of friends and I planned a very nice dinner and Matt was finally going to be able to go see it with me.

But then it happend...this is what I get for planning things out so early...Ethan and Blaine's Blue and Gold for scouts. I wouldn't miss seeing Ethan and Blaine's Blue and Gold banquet for the chance to see Fiero one more time, but I have to be honest and say it wasn't the easiest thing to give up either.

I have to give kudos to my boys, however. Ethan earned his Super Over Achiever badge, which means he earned everything he could in his scout book. With that, he was able to earn his Arrow of Light badge. Not a lot of scouts achieve that. His den, however, did really great. Mr. Kulp, Ethan's Den leader, did an excellent job with those boys.

Blaine earned some belt loops and earned his Bear rank. He has an amazing den leader. In fact, thanks to Mr. Parker, we were able to learn how to make marshmallow guns and share the exciting fun with our uncles. Dogs love marshmallows.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Celebrate Cards

A lot of you have mentioned having received your Mini Occassions Catalog. I am posting a couple of samples I have made using the Just Celebrate stamp set. The last two pictures are the inside of the third picture taken.

Stampin' Up! has a couple of great promotions that are going on beginning March 1st. This will count towards the Stampin' Up!'s Sale-A-Bration promotion and my special offer (see side info) as well.

  • Wild Wasabi Card Stock Special Product Offer
    Dates: March 1 - April 30, 2008
    Special Offer Details:
    Purchase a special-offer Wild Wasabi card stock pack for only $3.95 !!!!!!
    The pack includes 16 sheets of 4-1/2" x 11-1/2" Wild Wasabi textured card stock that has been scored at 1-1/8" and 5-5/8".
    This special product offer is the result of a miscalculation in cutting and scoring on one batch of Wild Wasabi textured card stock for the Holiday Glitz promotion; while this paper did not meet specifications for the Holiday Glitz kits, it is excellent for creating other fun and exciting projects (see flyers for several great ideas).

Also, beginning March 18th, anyone who hosts a $350 workshop will receive an extra $25.00 in free product. That's super cool! See flyer for more details.

Marley's Exciting Weekend

I had to throw in a couple more pictures for the boys. They had so much fun with that dog. I love the last picture of Blaine with Marley asleep on her bed.

Quick trip "home"

We were able to take a trip "home" to Connecticut this past weekend. I feel I'm still recovering with the piles of laundry and typical craziness that fills a week.

Most of my family lives in CT, and anyone who doesn't comes back for summer vacations or is hoping to retire there or round-a-bouts.

We were able to go on a seal watch. Blaine said he counted 41 seals. It was a lot of fun and I was able to see my Auntie Dana and my cousin Laura.

We ate a lot and played with my cousins' dog, Marley. She's getting really big now and the boys had another cousin to play with. It was good times.

I would give anything to move even close-by. Oh. Well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Treats for Blaine's Class

Here is Blaine's Valentine Treat for the class. I think kids eat pencil erasers. They never have an eraser on their pencil. If your child is really smart and doesn't have an eraser on their pencil, it's because they're eating it. My boy? He's using his eraser.

Blaine wrote every child's name on a flower and I attached them to the pencils. I used white craft ink on the flower pot and added the blow pops for a bit of a candy treat. We have been encouraged not to go crazy on the candy. I agree. It makes the kids go bonkers.

Well, it's late and there is definitely no chance for a snow day tomorrow.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Here are the notebooks...

Mother Nature you rock, but I hate my head!

Finally! It's too cold to go to school. Unless we get 3 feet of snow, we'll go to school, but when it's only 5 degrees and the wind makes is -15, we stay home.

I was so excited. In fact, we were just putting the kids to bed when I received "the call".

I wasn't able to enjoy the celebration or the party however, because life wouldn't be interesting or fun if you didn't get a migrane every once in a while. And hey, why not on a night when you can stay up late and be creative? It would seem I would much rather be in bed praying that someone would take a screwdriver to my head to release the pressure.

It's all good though. Today, I utilized my time as well as I could and I'd like to post a couple of projects for you.

The pink notebook is for my friend, Susan. She is always quick to think of me and it's time I give back. If you don't like the pink one, the green one is yours. You decide.

I had fun making the frappacino bottles. I would do them one step at a time and then come back and add something else.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Teri's February/March Special

I just wanted to post this quickly this morning for anyone interested. You do not have to live close by to participate. I will ship your order to you.

February/March Special- I will take individual customer orders, combine them and give the selected customers the hostess benefits.

  • Final order will be placed on the 7th of March.
  • For every $50 in orders, you will receive a free Sale-A-Bration stamp set of your choice and a chance to win hostess benefits.
  • Benefits may include free stamp set(s) and, or free hostess dollars to spend on SU! Product.
  • I will deliver the product to you unless of course you are out of state, and I will ship the items to you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's either a snow day, or a sunny day...let's go Mother Nature!

Now, for the record, I love my job and the kids that I teach are some of the best kids around! However, this has got to be the worst time of the year at school. Anyone who lives in the "Gray Land" can testify. Not only have we not seen blue sky in like a month, but the kids have not been able to go outside for recess. There is not really supposed to be a pun in this next statement, but you do the math.
So, I have been doing everything I can to make deals with the Mother Nature Person. Evidentally, she's too busy trying to convince Al Gore that a two-seated airplane will lessen his carbon footprint instead of the ginormous personal jet he flies around in. I digress. My demands are simple, either we have a snow day, so the kids can romp around in the snow all day until I unlock the doors, or we need some sun here so the kids can romp around outside until I unlock the doors. Whatever the case may be, it really should happen rather quickly because I'm a woman on the edge.
I decided to put some of my pent up energy into treading to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and then I put two 12X12 scrapbook pages together. I LOVE looking at pictures of the boys when they were little. It has to be one of my most favorite things on earth to do.
This page was put together using the Simply Scrappin' supplies. There is no rhryme or reason to the pages, I was just enjoying the colors and the fun times we had a few years back at the lake in Connecticut.
The background paper is old olive textured and the other colors are rose red, taken with teal and summer sun. Fun colors to work with. I used a whole bunch of punches and a button or two. I used the Big Deal alphabet, Big pieces, Polka Dots & Petals and Little Flowers stamp sets.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pomegranate is Good For You!!!

I can't get away from Purely Pomegranate this week. It's like a disease. Even when I sleep I see that color. Okay, not really when I sleep, but at least when I stamp, I can't seem to veer from the ultra potent antioxidant power of the paper!

Even the DS paper is Berry Bliss...maybe I'm lacking some vitamins.

The new taffeta ribbon was used with this long note. I like it a latte!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I was Tagged and now I'm weird!

Being new to the blogging world, I was tagged from my friend, Susan. I'm going to do this "tag" thing and try to think of all of the weird things I have done in my life. Hopefully it will keep the fact that my son went to bed crying because the Patriots lost out of my head.

I do feel bad for him...he puts his heart and soul into the game and several times this year, he has really been hurt. Now it's really going to stink getting them up tomorrow. I simply can't count on Mother Nature anymore to bring me a load of snow. I'm sure she'll come through when I'm about to leave on a trip, but not when I could stand a couple extra hours of zzzzz's.

The rules of the game:

• Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, as we all want to know them. (Honestly, I didn't think I was weird so who knows what you'll get here)

• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

It's really going to be hard for me to think of weird things about myself...

1. Okay, I know one. When I fall asleep on a plane, the droan from the engine knocks me out so hard that I drool really badly. I have become smart enough to bring a pillow and now I know I'll fall asleep and won't drool.

I hate this tag thing...

2. When I was little, I wrote a song. It went something like:

Mr. Sun please help, we need you badly, there is no sun and Jesus is here.

(I was like 5!!!!)

3. I love to get stains out of clothes. If I can get an impossible stain out of clothes, I feel so good about myself.

4. I really like to fix things. I once made a meal for a man at church in exchange for showing me how to change the spark plugs in my car.

5. I delivered both of my boys natural and popped the blood vessels in my face and eyes both times.

That's not really weird, more like stupid, but I can't think of anything else.

6. I had the chicken pox when I was 26 years old and was also one of the first kids to ever have Kawasaki syndrome. No, I didn't ride a motorcycle around. It's real!

7. I absolutely love the dry climate and could hike, bike, camp, live run for weeks at a time in it. I love dry climate. I remember how fast my laundry would dry on the line when I lived in Idaho. I also remember when I needed to get away from my roommates, I would ride my bike as far as I possibly could to hear silence. Have you ever heard silence? That's not weird, that's beautiful.

I'm going to bed.

Criss Cross Card with Directions

Stamping With Roxy gave me a couple ideas for this card. However, I was able to use half the paper, which when you make a ton of these bad boys, you can save a lot of money.

cut your cardstock as usual using a half sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper

fold like you're making a regular landscaped card

hold it with the fold at the bottom

cut a diagonal line (you can use your cutter once you figure it out, but I want you to visualize what is being cut) that runs from the top left hand corner of the "front" of the card down to the bottom right hand corner. This will cut off a triangle.

flip the loose triangle upside down (so the 90% angle is at the bottom) and slide it in place on the right hand side of the card

glue the far right and far left sides of the card (you don't need to glue the bottom of the triangle down because it is now resting in the fold and you don't want glue getting in the way of your insert.

create an insert and embellish as usual

(Directions and pictures from Splitcoast)