Friday, July 27, 2007

This 3x3 love note that is pictured here is featuring the outside and inside of the card.

Punch Box Trio Debate

If you have been debating whether or not you want to invest in the punch box trio, I thought I would throw in a few samples to show you. In August, the trio comes with 30 3x3 love notes and they are so cute.

If you attend my Punch-a-Bunch class, we will be using the punch box trio, but also making several cards using other punches that you may already have.

The class should be a lot of fun and you will make 2 of each of the 4 projects.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A reason to use craft ink!!!

There are so many things that you can use with craft ink, but one reason to use it is on fabric. I was so afraid the first time I paid money to buy an item to use craft ink on. One mistake and it's over, but after I stamped one time...that was it. We're all just lucky I have control, otherwise my kids and husband would be walking around with stamped underwear, t-shirts, dress shirts.

I think that would be great for Matt. He would look so cool with a dress shirt stamped by his lovely wife.

Anyway, give it a try, you'll love it.

One hint: This is going to sound crazy, but it's okay, I promise. After the stamp dries, you need to run over the stamped item with a hot iron. This enables the stamp to set in.

Send me your projects!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What do you think about re-ink?

I always encourage my customers to purchase a re-inker with their new ink pads, especially the "in-colors". One friend mentioned her regret when trying to find the 07' in-color re-inkers on Ebay. The prices are jacked so high she could have bought a re-inker 100 times over.

Anyway, this card I put together is using the re-inking technique. I'm sure there is a much fancier name than what I have given it, but it's very simple and adds a whole new look to your cards.

You simply take a wet wipe (don't use the ones with characters on them or you'll be stamping bears and cute lions on your card) and drop 2-3 drops of re-ink colors of your choosing onto the wet wipe.

You then take your stamp and stamp ONE TIME into the re-inked wet wipe. Stamp onto subject and you're done.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Indians vs' The Sox

Have you ever been in a familiar place and felt completey uncomfortable? You know, the sort of place you love to go, like your favorite ice cream shop or camping in 50 degree, dry, clear sky weather? Have you then gone to one of these favorite places and been invaded, or maybe your favorite ice cream has been replaced with something gross. Maybe you're camping and it's beautiful until the rain comes down? Well, this is how I felt at the Indian's game last night.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really like the Red Sox. I grew up in Connecticut, so I still have New England tendencies. I even drive fast! However, I live in Cleveland and have lived here for a very long time. Long enough that the Indian's are my choice of cheer.

We had great seats last night at the game, but it wouldn't have mattered where our seats were, there were BoSox fans EVERYWHERE. It was hard to figure out who was cheering for who. Seriously, I think there were more Boston fans in the Jake than Indians' fans. It was weird.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Trick or Treat?

I have had a lot of fabric waiting to be sewn into projects. I don't think there is a greater feeling (for me) than completing projects. LIfe gets so out of control. Anyway, I was able to complete a ton of projects this weekend while the boys were camping.

I like to camp with the family, but it would have rained if I went. It always does. I visited them at camp, but had obligations to fufill on Sat. morning and Sun. am.

So here is my trick-or-treat bag. The kids are always using pillow cases, so I basically added handles to one.

Catching "Nimos"

I suppose I haven't been very good already with keeping up with my daily entries. I imagine I won't be anyway. I am too busy with Ethan and Blaine. That is where I was today, East Harbor. The boys are out there for a Scout camp out and I stayed home to honor a couple of obligations I made with Habitat for Humanity.

Anyway, Ethan had a great game yesterday before heading out to camp. The team lost which was fine because I'm tired of baseball games.

I went out to visit Matt and the boys at camp today and we went fishing. Blaine was getting frustrated with the fishing pole and decided he would be much better off at catching "nimos" with his net.

I was just disappointed because I forgot my camera.

Oh well, I have the rest of the night now to prepare for the fall craft fair I signed up for....yeah. I suppose I should post a card, that is the bigger point for me having this blog in the first place. I just don't know if I know how!
Okay, I loaded the picture, but it's way up there...but I have the night to myself, so I'm going to go down to my stamping cave and watch movies and sew.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blaine and his new tricks

Blaine has finally gotten on his bike this summer for the first time! We had a lot of firsts this year with Blaine. For whatever reason, he is very afraid of the pool. Can't pull him away from the rip currents in the ocean, but he is very timid in pool water. He's also afraid of feet, so it could very well be any number of reasons why the pool wigs him out.

However, just this last week he felt safe putting his head under water. Now...I can't get him out of the pool and it's what he absolutely loooves to do! It's go great.

Anyway, we had a beautiful weekend here in Ohio. Beautiful, big-cloud, blue-sky, dry days are rare, but three in a just don't know what to do with yourself.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm a Blog Ignoramus

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but I'm going to give this "blogging" thing a try. Who knows, I just may end up being great at it! Uh huh.

Well, I'm not going to spend too much time today writing because I feel like a tiny fish in a big I'm being watched or something by hungrier, bigger fish.