Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Am I a bad mom?

Blaine came home from school yesterday after I sent him with a 101 degree fever. I thought he was just super cuddly warm from waking up and sleeping so sound.

Anyway, as the day progressed and Motrin kicked in, we started working on his homework. Neither of us enjoy this time together, but we do enjoy drawing.

The only problem with this "Hoodini" look, is that today (he's home again...fever late last night, and yes, it's gone now at this very second) the marker is still on his face. In our haste, we didn't take the time to use the washable markers. It's not black, more like green. I was able to get the marker out of his eyebrows, but he still has a bit of a goat.

We had a lot of fun together. What was great was when the doorbell rang and Blaine forgot he had "the look" on his face.

Life is so cool sometimes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Go Tribe!

The "Pie-in-the-face" has become a new "tradition" at the Jake for the player-of-the-game. I caught this one on the big screen.

Have to put in a plug for the Cleveland Indians. There is just such excitement in the air for the Tribe and the Cavs...not so much for the Browns. Maybe someday. Poor Romeo. We were able to go to the Tribe game on Friday with the neighbors. We had such a great time. Sat right behind the camera men. I knew that would be a mistake because I found myself watching the camera man more than the game..."Oh, look at that!", "Wow, that's so neat!", "Did you see how he switched back and forth? What was that?". I'm pretty sure Matt moved away from me for a reason...(he didn't really)

And I have to congratulate E! He was invited to play with the 6th grade football team this past week with two other teammates (one his great friend, Josh, from school). He ran the ball and sacked the quarter back with some backup. It was really exciting. I'm going to put his picture in, too. It's only fair.

Is it summer yet?

Man, life is just psycho right now.

No need to tell you all about it or complain, it's just plain and's not summer anymore!

Real quick I thought I would throw this cute idea up for you.

Took only minutes to make.

These blocks make great teacher gifts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stamping Envy

I thought I would take a minute to showcase some really great cards that have come my way in the past week. I just wonder sometimes why my brain doesn't come up with the same idea! Thanks for the great swaps and ideas!

I love this card from Allie Anderson, a gal that swaps cards with me. Isn't this great? For some reason, I have had a really hard time getting good pictures of these beauties. Nonetheless, I have envy!

Here is another card from a gal I swap cards with, Karen Thomas. She is the sister of my good friend Kari Lyn, and both Karen and Kari share an amazing talent. I always look forward to receiving Karen's swaps because I know I'm going to be dazzled once more. Thanks again, Karen!

Here is Kari Lyn's creation. She made this great Halloween card and I thought I would share it with you. I am always inspired by her work . Hope you don't mind me sharing, Kari! The cookey bat has crystal effects on his eyes along with a spider on the inside of the card.

Finally, I have been enjoying the designs of K. Werner and I have her to thank for this template of a birthday card. I changed the colors (basically because I had to), but love her idea and thank her for sharing her talents with the rest of us who benefit from her work.

Monday, September 10, 2007

So many cards, such little time!

Here are a few samples of the cards I made for a class I taught on Saturday with the ladies from my church. Once a year, we hold a "Super Saturday", where we leave the kids at home and spend the entire day making crafts with a focus on Christmas presents.

We had a great time. These layouts are very simple and are especially fun for the novice stamper (which I had). After a couple of evil looks and some homeade food (we never have an activity without food), everything turned out great!

The Big On Christmas card and Baby Jesus is Born card will be two of the cards that I am offering for the Christmas Cards for Soldiers Class. I may change the templates a bit, but you can get a better idea of how these cards will look.

Although difficult to see, I used the Sweet Stars roller with this card. It looks very cute with it, but you aren't able to see it so well in the picture.

Would love to see what you have been making for the holidays! Please send a link to my comments page.

Beate's Challenge #18

I thought I would give this a try...

I used this for a class that I had on Saturday.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Christmas Kit Choices for Stamp-a-Stack

Kit 1-Baby Jesus is Born

Page 47 of Idea Book and Catalog

Kit will cost: $54.00 with tax/ship

Kit 2-Big on Christmas

Page 35 of Idea Book and Catalog

Kit will cost: $56.00 with tax/ship

Kit 3-Hung Up on the Holidays

Page 38 of Idea Book and Catalog

Kit will cost: $51.08 with tax/ship

Kit 4-Wishing You Cheer

Page 33 of Idea Book and Catalog

Kit will cost: $52.00 with tax/ship

Kit5-Merry & Bright

Page 5 of Winter Mini Catalog

Kit will cost: $54.00 with tax/ship

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

October Stamp-A-Stack Class Kit List

I have had the hardest time uploading files to this blog. I listed the kits over to the side, so they would be linked and simple and easy for everyone, but it's not working. I don't even know if I can upload to this post, but I am going to try because I want you to be able to see the kits that will be included in the October class.

I have a couple of new cards to post as well, but am going to have to wait until tomorrow or so because I'm swampped with scouts, football and soccer.

Okay..............the file with pictures will not work. It's an Adobe file. Before I scream, I'm simply going to ask that if you need a list of the kits I have to offer, please send me an email. I am MORE than happy to send you a kit list. How awful!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

September and October Classes

Teri Stencil’s September 2007 Stampin’ Up! Newsletter

September Promotions and hands-on Classes:

• September 14th- CROP TIL’ YOU DROP class. 7pm-?. This is a great class for someone who wants to finish several sheets of scrapbooking pages in one night. You will choose from one of the Simply Scrapin’ Sets out of the new Idea Book and Catalog (pgs. 174-177). We will have a lot of fun!
The cost for this class is $15.00 and you will have use of all of my tools and supplies. If you should need other supplies, please let me know when you sign up for the class or before the deadline. Bring a friend and receive a $5.00 gift certificate
Sign-up Deadline: September 6th, 9pm. Please pay by this date.

• From August 10-September 30, new demonstrators will get to choose a color family of Classic Stampin' Pads free when they purchase the Starter Kit. That's up to a $57.95 value in addition to the excellent value of the Starter Kit! See Promo Link.

• From September 1-30 ,when customers spend $30 on regular priced merchandise, they qualify to purchase one each of the six following sets at 30% off!* See the Promo link.

Item Page # Description Discounted Price

105355 26 Bitty Boos Too $12.57

109284 29 Haunting Halloween $ 13.27

107383 30 Thoroughly Thankful $16.07

109373 108 Autumn Fest $16.77

109421 91 Elementary Essentials $19.57

110366 17 Stem Silhouettes ** $22.37 ** Mini Catalog

October Hands-on Class

With the Christmas holiday soon approaching, I have decided to offer a class to send support to our troops. On October 20 at 10 am, I am offering a special class to as many people as can attend. It’s a Soldier Stamp-a-Stack class. This class will be set up a bit differently than most of my classes, in that you will be able to choose from 5 kits (see attached, or I will email you) that I have put together. Each kit will provide you with all of the supplies needed to make 30 cards (all the same) including the stamp set and ink spots, card stock and accessories. You can keep 5 and give 25 (or give your entire stack) to our soldiers. I will then place each card with an envelope into a Ziploc bag and ship them out.

This class will have the Christmas holiday in mind. Not all of the cards will have a “Christmas” theme. I have tried to respect the beliefs of others while celebrating the winter season. However, I want to get these cards out soon for those who may want to send a Christmas card home before Christmas.

The fee will include all materials including a die-cut stamp set, paper, ribbon, and classic stamp spots. The only item you will need to bring is adhesive, unless you choose to order that ahead of time when purchasing your kit. Please note that if you purchase a kit, and would like more supplies to make additional cards, I will have a separate place on the order form to purchase such necessities. Everything will be pre-cut for you. Kit fees are listed with attachment (see link labeled Christmas Kits)

I would so love to send 1,000 cards out to our soldiers. Thus, if my count is over 10 (I’m hoping for 40), the event will take place at a larger location than my home. If you sign a friend up with you, I will give you a $5 gift certificate!

Thank you so much for considering this opportunity. It is such a great feeling to see a group come together to make a load a little lighter for others.

Sign-up Deadline: Last day to sign-up for the Soldier Stamp-A-Stack class is Friday, October 5th. I will need full payment at that time. Payment can be made via cash, check or credit card.

November Hands-on Class
• More details to come, but plan on the 16th of November for a Christmas tag class.

December Hands-on Class
• More details to come, but plan on the 14th of December for a Thank you card stamp-a-stack.

Don’t forget that a new catalog will come out in January. If you want the hostess sets from the present catalog, you will need to have your workshop before the end of December.

I still have Stamp Clubs available to anyone interested!