Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cards for Soldiers

I'm happy to report that we sent 210 cards to the soldiers in Iraq via a soldier heading back. And thank you dear man for your service to our country and the service you provide to other warriors in need of supplies. Thanks are also in order for the gals who participated in the soldier stamp-a-stack that made all of the cards you see above.

Thanks to Ann, Dawn, Dawn's sister, Autumn, Vicki, Carol, MaryJo, Robin and Diane,my aunt Steph and cousin Jillian. I thank you so much for your support and kindness in donating both time and money for such a great service!

The cards are on there way!!!!

The card shown above the pile of cards for Soldiers is another winter card I made with the colors I love to use. Have to go finish dinner...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Would you like to offer my husband a job?

I put Blaine to bed last night and before I did, he came to me crying. I had anticipated him crying when we left my aunt and uncle's house in CT, but he held it in until going to bed. He was soooo sad about leaving. He said, "I miss everyone so much, I feel so connected to them." He's right! We have so much fun toghether and it's merely impossible to leave without getting upset. That's why I try to plan another trip so I have something to leave with. Okay, see you in a couple of months.

The guys even invented a new game (never leave them alone without toys). We call it Yoga Kickball. I think Jack broke his toe, but the sound an exercise ball makes when you kick it, is pretty cool.

We tried a family cook-off, but Jack took the grand prize and the only prize because the rest of us failed him miserably. Any time you want to come live with us and cook for us...

Come on, Matt! New England awaits you.

My cousins Jillian and Jay gave us a new addition to the family. Marley is a 6 week old boxer and Blaine cried because he misses her, too.

We even made Christmas cards and tags. Thought I would load up a couple of those, too. How lame is that! I have pictures of the dog and some cards. Where is everyone else?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What the Heck am I Doing...it's soooo late!!!

I'm getting very close to rabbit hallucination time, but I will risk it to post these items before going to bed.

I love this! I had been eyeing this technique for some time and finally had time myself today to make this treat bag. It's featured on page 76 of the Stampin' Up! Idea book and Catalog. Obviously, I made my own, but the idea came from Page 76.

You use craft ink on vellum. I also added Hologram Highlights to the snowflakes to add a bit of Christmas "bling" if you will.

I hate how these pictures load...they load backwards. Anyway, here is another card similar to the one beneath these comments, but I punched the "texture" out like the card featured in the Stampin' Success magazine from December.

This is a "case" from the new Stampin' Up! Success catalog, but I altered it by using the light box and then I just love the colors of brown, blue and green together. I seem to be using it on everything!

I love the texture of the polka dots using this faux embossing technique, too.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Stutters

There doesn't seem to be enough time for anything anymore. I hate to admit that I am glad Blaine was not feeling well yesterday so that I could have some down time.

My mom gave me some of her Altoid chewing gum tins and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, so I started playing with them. I put craft ink on them, but it slid off. So, I went to the garage to find what kind of spray paint we have. I removed the top from the tin and then sprayed with the white spray paint.

I used the beast to punch holes into the top over the "Altoid" lettering and then of course used the 5/8 ribbon to cover up the "Altoid" word.

You have to use staz-on to stamp over the spray paint and I love the green and black gingham together. I don't know, I was just playing around, but I will tell you that the Christmas Tags from the new mini catalog fit into one of these tins. Your outside paper should be cut at 3" and it will be a perfect fit. Just another idea.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is it over yet?

I LOVE the college football season. It's such an ongoing game each and every week to see who will remain on top, who will move up and who will fall short. This weekend is one of the most bitter sweet weekends of the year for me because each time Ohio State plays Michigan I know our regular season is over until next year.

Every Saturday we sit together as a family and watch Ohio State play. It's so much fun. We eat ourselves into oblivion and scream and yell and sometimes even cry.

So, once again, I have to wait until next year for those special Saturday afternoons to sit in the Ohio State covered basement to watch another season of college football. Go Bucks!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blaine's pick

Well...between Ohio State blowing they're #1 spot in the NATION and my dumb craft fair that I lost sleep and money over, I had an amazing Sunday with my family. I was so excited that the weather was dull and gray, so there was nothing to do but "hang out" with each other. I love Sunday afternoons.

Today, Blaine went through some of the leftover craft items and found a pair of slippers that my mom had knit. He then called Nana on the phone and asked her if he could wear them. Hasn't taken them off since.

Ethan did a cool thing today, too. I was so impressed with his "braverism" because he gave a talk in church for the first time to the entire congregation. He even paused to look up to everyone and didn't run away or throw up! It was great!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Up All Night with Teri

It's 4:55am and I'm afraid to go to bed now. All of my craft fair goods are sitting in the kitchen and I haven't gone to bed yet. The rabbits came, but I'm too tired to be scared. I used to be able to pull all-nighters all the time, but I stink at it now. There is simply no point in going to bed...I'll have to wake up in a half hour anyway. I might as well just suck it up.

I hope I make enough to take my family out to dinner tomorrow night. There is no way I'm making dinner for anyone today. Rabbits! They're everywhere!

Another Break...

Okay, now my back is killing me and I'm eating a portion of my blizzard. I haven't seen any rabbits yet, but I know they're out there and that's a sure sign that I should have been in bed a long time ago. I have a few more receiving blankets to sew and then we'll see where I'm at. Thought I'd throw in a few more pictures of what I'm making for the craft fair.
The first picture shows Altoid tins filled with Christmas tags. Those were very simple and fun to make!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Taking a 5 min break!

I am taking a quick break before I go back down to the cave to finish up projects for my craft fair tomorrow. I have been having some positive feelings on and off all day about finishing everything. Then the list starts running in my head and I realize I'm never going to get it all done.

I think tonight will be an all-nighter. I haven't done that since we went on a trip to somewhere (I'm wasting time trying to remember), but I slept the entire trip down. Worked out well. I think it was NC.

Anyway, thought I would post a couple of things. I'm off...I just hope I don't start hallucinating this time. The rabbits really scare me!

Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Already Monday Again?

Someone please tell me where the weekends go? My son had a two-day soccer tournament this weekend that sent us traveling. I packed all of my supplies and had a stamp section in the Durango. In between I made homeade hot chocolate from embossing powder and oreo cookie bits and heated it up with my embossing gun. I sold the stuff for 1.00 a cup to pay for my habit. I know people thought I was a bit weird, but here's the thing...I don't care. I have a craft fair this Saturday and I'm running out of time. I know, most crafters are sitting back and knitting next years baby booties, but that's not how I operate. It's all good. I have to keep my motabilism motiviated.

Here is my dad and brother's birthday card. I figured I would show them to you. My dad and step-mom don't get to enjoy the fall anymore because they live in San Diego. Their home was spared, but not without emotional stress and concern for others! Thanks for asking.