Friday, December 28, 2007

As the Angry Cowboy once said...

Blaine let me know that he is the Angry Cowboy. He also told me that he's a farmer and he doesn't care. But as this day could not get any worse than it already has, I think the most important thing Blaine said is, "Mom, we forgot to pray." I have been doing a lot of that today with hope that we'll be able to dress up and play with Nannie and Papa.
Don't worry Angry Cowboy, I won't forget! And I'll never forget you putting on this outfit and becoming the "Angry Cowboy".

This is a Fat Head

I have had a couple of people ask me what a Fat Head is. It is a big giant sticker. That's the only way I know how to describe it.

Personally, I wanted an AJ Hawk or a Santonio Holmes Fat Head because Ethan's room is totally decorated in OSU decor.

But Santa brings what the child wants, not what the mother wants. I know this because I didn't get what I wanted this year. Just kidding big man!

So here is Ethan's Tom Brady Fat Head.

My Hearth

My hearth was filled with creative beauty this Christmas. I think what I loved most about my directions was that almost all of my decorations are homeade. Blaine and Ethan have worked so hard to make Christmas special this year and you will notice how hard they have worked to make that happen. These are the most memorable things about Christmas.

Have you ever...

Have you ever had the worst day? You know that there are people around you that are suffering from illness or other trials, but this one day is so bad that you just have to be sad and maybe even cry all day long?
This was my day. It's not over yet and nor am I giving up on what I'm about to tell you, but my day really stunk.
I should be in San Diego right now, but for no other reason than I forgot to turn the alarm clock on, I'm presently sitting at home wallowing in sad songs and refusing to give up on the hope of making it to see my Dad and Pam (my step-mom).
So, if any of you are flying on Skybus tomorrow and are willing to give up your seat... I'm waiting for just one more. I heard the intestinal flu is running rampant through the airports... I'm just saying.
I figured while I sit to refresh the skybus website until tomorrow morning (I can be one stubborn mama), I will utilize this time to show you Christmas pictures. The first series will demonstrate what it's like to make a Christmas picture of Ethan and Blaine. Please enjoy. You may want to microwave a bag of popcorn.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My friend Emily

This is my friend Emily. She is also one of my students. Emily was diagnosed last year with Leukemia and just returned to school a couple of months ago. Blaine is Emily's classmate and he has been praying hard for her recovery and return to home and school. Obviously, Emily is doing great and is just an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with.
I will NEVER forget the day she returned to school for the first time since last Easter. She was so excited to be back, she could have thrown herself away.
Although I would never wish any illness on a child, I will tell you that this particular trial in Emily's life gave life back to others. I am so impressed at what Emily has done with her trial and how she has made a difference to her family, friends and the community alike.
This Christmas, I had the opportunity to share in Emily's hope for the holiday. Emily wanted to make the children on the 2nd floor of Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital happy for Christmas. When all was said and done, Emily, with the help of her family, was able to collect enough items to fill a Uhaul truck and collected over $8,000 for families having trouble meeting their medical bills.
I was so grateful to be a part of this Hope for the Holidays. Ethan and Blaine came along with me and I was so happy to see them happy about serving others.
On Christmas Eve, I returned with a friend and Emily's family to bring dinner to the staff who were working over the holiday.
I can only hope that we are able to fill another truck next year! Emily, you have a special spirit and I'm so happy to know you!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ethan's Fat Head

Here is a quick video of Ethan opening up his "Fat Head" of Tom Brady from Santa. It was pretty cool. Ethan loves Tom Brady... I hope he only follows his sporting tactics and not his social ones. Sorry, Tom...

Just Like a Wedding

You plan, you shop, you invite, you eat, you don't sleep, you don't care, you give... and now it's all over! The only difference between a wedding and Christmas is that Christmas comes back every year.

I was "in charge" of Christmas Eve dinner for the first time in 15 years (since Matt and I have been married). I have moved up from vegetable trays to the whole shibang. Although my father-in-law went out and got everything to place on the table, I made a lot of desserts and cleaned the house, etc. Personally, I think he was nervous that I would screw it up.

Today, I will sit in my pajamas until I have to go to bed... I'm spent. No shopping, no sales, no nothing. I need to make some "Thank-you cards" and I will work on that today.

Blaine and Ethan woke up the earliest they have ever woken before for Christmas madness. Santa hides the stockings in our house, however, so it took them 2 hours to find the last stocking. By 8 am Matt and I were ready. The boys had a great time and I can't help but think of "The Christmas Story" everytime we have Christmas music on and Matt and I are just sitting on the couch exhausted and Blaine and Ethan are playing on the floor with all of their sounds. It truly is the best part of the day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow...I'm sending mother nature a Thank You card early.

Okay, here's the deal. We got our first good snow today... but it's always when it can be plowed in time for us to make it to school or the snow starts at 10pm and then is cleared by 3am when you really want it to start coming down. I figured if I send Mother Nature this pretty spring-like pre-thank you card, she will be so appreciative that I was thinking of her that she will start a huge snow storm around 3am and the school librarian will be giving me that "no school" phone call. I'm the last on the phone chain which is even cooler!
So, sleep with pajamas inside-out and put a potato under your pillow... Teri needs sleep and I need to finish my tree, and I need to finish some Christmas projects. I have needs!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I had to post a couple more funny!

Blaine was cracking me up with the whole mullet thing...he's too pretty with that thing on!
There's Will with the Hanson Brothers.
Blaine and Jimmy taking it all in...Jimmy. He's too funny.

Will's Great Birthday Party!

Blaine's friend, Will, had a birthday party this weekend to top all parties. We were able to go see the Lake Erie Monsters play and high-five the hockey players as they prepared to go out on the ice.

That's not all! The Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot were there and came up to the party to take pictures with Will and the rest of us. We had so much fun! To top it off, they were handing out mullets tonight. You know Blaine was all over that.

Thanks Will for inviting all of us to your birthday party! It was great fun and I'm glad you thought of Ethan, too! You're a great kid. Seems like just yesterday you were 7.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My friend, Mary B!

Mary, you won the door prize last night! Just thought I would show everyone what you won and then you can tear into it.

Besides, I figure if you view the blog, you might be excited and want to stop by and pick it up so I don't have to get out of my pajamas today...

Here's What You Missed!

Ann, I'm sorry you weren't feeling well yesterday...we'll catch up.
We had a really fun time last night making Christmas Tags and various other creations.
Here are a couple of things we made last night. I will post the directions for the bow ingredients as well...
We also made candy bar holders which are so quick and easy to make and gift card holders. Here are the measurements for the paper bows.
Best to use a double-sided sheet of designer paper. If you invested in the Designer Series Paper Promotion from Stampin' Up!, then your bows will only cost .35 each. You are saving .13 per bow. Hey! Don't roll your eyes! If you make 24 bows, you'll save 3. 12. You could buy a snail refill or something.
Okay...You will need a 12 X 6 piece of double-sided paper. You will then cut 8 1" X 6" pieces. You will now have a 4" X 6" piece left. If you don't...well create a different kind of bow.
With the 4" X 6" piece you have left, you will need to first cut a 1" X 4" piece. Then you will need to cut 4 1" x 5" pieces.
Okay, if you attended the class you know what to do from there. If you didn't attend the class and want the rest of the instructions, I am happy to send you the rest of the information.
I know, that's lame, but I have very little time and 24 days left to freak out...