Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What do you think about re-ink?

I always encourage my customers to purchase a re-inker with their new ink pads, especially the "in-colors". One friend mentioned her regret when trying to find the 07' in-color re-inkers on Ebay. The prices are jacked so high she could have bought a re-inker 100 times over.

Anyway, this card I put together is using the re-inking technique. I'm sure there is a much fancier name than what I have given it, but it's very simple and adds a whole new look to your cards.

You simply take a wet wipe (don't use the ones with characters on them or you'll be stamping bears and cute lions on your card) and drop 2-3 drops of re-ink colors of your choosing onto the wet wipe.

You then take your stamp and stamp ONE TIME into the re-inked wet wipe. Stamp onto subject and you're done.

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