Monday, July 23, 2007

Catching "Nimos"

I suppose I haven't been very good already with keeping up with my daily entries. I imagine I won't be anyway. I am too busy with Ethan and Blaine. That is where I was today, East Harbor. The boys are out there for a Scout camp out and I stayed home to honor a couple of obligations I made with Habitat for Humanity.

Anyway, Ethan had a great game yesterday before heading out to camp. The team lost which was fine because I'm tired of baseball games.

I went out to visit Matt and the boys at camp today and we went fishing. Blaine was getting frustrated with the fishing pole and decided he would be much better off at catching "nimos" with his net.

I was just disappointed because I forgot my camera.

Oh well, I have the rest of the night now to prepare for the fall craft fair I signed up for....yeah. I suppose I should post a card, that is the bigger point for me having this blog in the first place. I just don't know if I know how!
Okay, I loaded the picture, but it's way up there...but I have the night to myself, so I'm going to go down to my stamping cave and watch movies and sew.

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