Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Am I a bad mom?

Blaine came home from school yesterday after I sent him with a 101 degree fever. I thought he was just super cuddly warm from waking up and sleeping so sound.

Anyway, as the day progressed and Motrin kicked in, we started working on his homework. Neither of us enjoy this time together, but we do enjoy drawing.

The only problem with this "Hoodini" look, is that today (he's home again...fever late last night, and yes, it's gone now at this very second) the marker is still on his face. In our haste, we didn't take the time to use the washable markers. It's not black, more like green. I was able to get the marker out of his eyebrows, but he still has a bit of a goat.

We had a lot of fun together. What was great was when the doorbell rang and Blaine forgot he had "the look" on his face.

Life is so cool sometimes.

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gremhog said...

well, you aren't bad. . .but how will you get this off? Clorox? Vinegar? Alcohol? Can't wait to see him in church....hope it's still there! hahahahahahahahaha