Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blaine's pick

Well...between Ohio State blowing they're #1 spot in the NATION and my dumb craft fair that I lost sleep and money over, I had an amazing Sunday with my family. I was so excited that the weather was dull and gray, so there was nothing to do but "hang out" with each other. I love Sunday afternoons.

Today, Blaine went through some of the leftover craft items and found a pair of slippers that my mom had knit. He then called Nana on the phone and asked her if he could wear them. Hasn't taken them off since.

Ethan did a cool thing today, too. I was so impressed with his "braverism" because he gave a talk in church for the first time to the entire congregation. He even paused to look up to everyone and didn't run away or throw up! It was great!

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gremhog said...

Do you know...what I noticed most and best about Ethan's talk was that he did look up. I figured he might be looking at his family for reinforced braverism (and that was wonderful in and of itself) but along the way I have a feeling he caught a few other eyes. It is a huge thing, Ethan. I was so excited for you and you probably do not even know me.

and Blaine! What a great selection. I cannot believe your Nana still knits those. I use to knit them all the time and just found the instructions in my mom's recipe box, and decided to knit some. They are warm and wonderful, aren't they? National Championship but as Jordan said to me today, we don't care about Roses...we just want Wolverine Meat...yes he's my carnivore son...and as my BDs Mongolian BBQ shirt says...Wolverines Taste Like Chicken. Yum Yum...let's eat 'em up!