Monday, November 26, 2007

Would you like to offer my husband a job?

I put Blaine to bed last night and before I did, he came to me crying. I had anticipated him crying when we left my aunt and uncle's house in CT, but he held it in until going to bed. He was soooo sad about leaving. He said, "I miss everyone so much, I feel so connected to them." He's right! We have so much fun toghether and it's merely impossible to leave without getting upset. That's why I try to plan another trip so I have something to leave with. Okay, see you in a couple of months.

The guys even invented a new game (never leave them alone without toys). We call it Yoga Kickball. I think Jack broke his toe, but the sound an exercise ball makes when you kick it, is pretty cool.

We tried a family cook-off, but Jack took the grand prize and the only prize because the rest of us failed him miserably. Any time you want to come live with us and cook for us...

Come on, Matt! New England awaits you.

My cousins Jillian and Jay gave us a new addition to the family. Marley is a 6 week old boxer and Blaine cried because he misses her, too.

We even made Christmas cards and tags. Thought I would load up a couple of those, too. How lame is that! I have pictures of the dog and some cards. Where is everyone else?


gremhog said...

where is everyone else? why they are probably sleeping off all the fun. If you had put those pix online, someone might have thought it was Christmas.

Sariah said...

Wish we could have joined in on the Yoga Kickball and the family cook-off. Sounds like a blast.

Poor Blaine-o. :( It would be nice if we all lived closer. Maybe someday right?! We love and miss you guys. Sariah, Andy & Adrian