Monday, February 25, 2008

Me and Mr. Jones

I found this picture of me and my brother while I was cleaning my craft room. It was taken on the 12th of September, 1981 at Rodger Williams Park. We were celebrating my cousin Sariah's birthday. I love how all the pictures of me during my childhood are so scary. I really must have had some bad days! But my brother, Donny, looks so cute. My maiden name was Jones, thus the title of this post. The picture I took of this page is terrible, but I was inspired by a Stampin' Up! "demo it" scrapbook page and so I ran with it with this page. I used the new rub-on's which are really easy and fun to use. The DS paper is from the new mini catalog along with the rub-on's. I would love to tell you what they are, but I'd have to run downstairs and I should be working out right now, so I won't. Sorry. By the way, the 6x6 page is not crooked, it's because of the way the picture was taken.
I must add, too that my cousin gave me a blog banner that I had up for about a month (see above picture). I forgot to thank her for that. I'm sorry Sariah. Thank you for the great blog banner you had made for me. I change things around a lot, so don't take offense that I took down your design.

The birthday card I made is a tester. I was just playing around last night. I want to tell you, however, because you may not be able to see, but on the whisper white card stock, I stamped-off in soft sky some balloons. The whisper white by itself was plain.

I really like the colors here. I saw a diaper bag at church yesterday and these were the colors they had in them. Actually the chocolate chip was the dominating color in the bag, but I didn't want the recipient of this card to feel dark and sad on their birthday. Hey, birthdays can hurt.

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gremhog said...

that is a great birthday card...and I could see the balloons in the background. Are we going to get to make these on Thursday night? I love it. Plus your pix. Aren't you glad they snapped a pix of you while you are sucking up water from a drinking fountain?