Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blue and Gold or Wicked?

I bought tickets to see Wicked a long time ago. Yes, I have seen it already (be quiet some of you), but this time, we were going with a group of friends and I planned a very nice dinner and Matt was finally going to be able to go see it with me.

But then it happend...this is what I get for planning things out so early...Ethan and Blaine's Blue and Gold for scouts. I wouldn't miss seeing Ethan and Blaine's Blue and Gold banquet for the chance to see Fiero one more time, but I have to be honest and say it wasn't the easiest thing to give up either.

I have to give kudos to my boys, however. Ethan earned his Super Over Achiever badge, which means he earned everything he could in his scout book. With that, he was able to earn his Arrow of Light badge. Not a lot of scouts achieve that. His den, however, did really great. Mr. Kulp, Ethan's Den leader, did an excellent job with those boys.

Blaine earned some belt loops and earned his Bear rank. He has an amazing den leader. In fact, thanks to Mr. Parker, we were able to learn how to make marshmallow guns and share the exciting fun with our uncles. Dogs love marshmallows.

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gremhog said...

How wonderful for both Ethan and Blaine. So Ethan is wearing brown..does that make him a BS and not a Cub? With only one son, I quickly forget these things. But tell them I'm very happy for them. And it was great seeing Matt with all his "stuff" on him. I totally remember his Eagle dinner and I might be wrong but I think his project was to fix and clean up and paint all the windows of the church, outside. It's great to have a dad set the example in scouting! 3 cheers for the 3 of them and 4 for you for giving up Wicked....see? You aren't so wicked afterall