Monday, February 11, 2008

Mother Nature you rock, but I hate my head!

Finally! It's too cold to go to school. Unless we get 3 feet of snow, we'll go to school, but when it's only 5 degrees and the wind makes is -15, we stay home.

I was so excited. In fact, we were just putting the kids to bed when I received "the call".

I wasn't able to enjoy the celebration or the party however, because life wouldn't be interesting or fun if you didn't get a migrane every once in a while. And hey, why not on a night when you can stay up late and be creative? It would seem I would much rather be in bed praying that someone would take a screwdriver to my head to release the pressure.

It's all good though. Today, I utilized my time as well as I could and I'd like to post a couple of projects for you.

The pink notebook is for my friend, Susan. She is always quick to think of me and it's time I give back. If you don't like the pink one, the green one is yours. You decide.

I had fun making the frappacino bottles. I would do them one step at a time and then come back and add something else.

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gremhog said...

If I survive the trip to Euclid tomrrow I'm going to go find you the Tiger Balm for your headaches. When do you leave? when do you return?