Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just Like a Wedding

You plan, you shop, you invite, you eat, you don't sleep, you don't care, you give... and now it's all over! The only difference between a wedding and Christmas is that Christmas comes back every year.

I was "in charge" of Christmas Eve dinner for the first time in 15 years (since Matt and I have been married). I have moved up from vegetable trays to the whole shibang. Although my father-in-law went out and got everything to place on the table, I made a lot of desserts and cleaned the house, etc. Personally, I think he was nervous that I would screw it up.

Today, I will sit in my pajamas until I have to go to bed... I'm spent. No shopping, no sales, no nothing. I need to make some "Thank-you cards" and I will work on that today.

Blaine and Ethan woke up the earliest they have ever woken before for Christmas madness. Santa hides the stockings in our house, however, so it took them 2 hours to find the last stocking. By 8 am Matt and I were ready. The boys had a great time and I can't help but think of "The Christmas Story" everytime we have Christmas music on and Matt and I are just sitting on the couch exhausted and Blaine and Ethan are playing on the floor with all of their sounds. It truly is the best part of the day.

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gremhog said...

can there be any more joyous boy? amazing!