Saturday, December 1, 2007

Here's What You Missed!

Ann, I'm sorry you weren't feeling well yesterday...we'll catch up.
We had a really fun time last night making Christmas Tags and various other creations.
Here are a couple of things we made last night. I will post the directions for the bow ingredients as well...
We also made candy bar holders which are so quick and easy to make and gift card holders. Here are the measurements for the paper bows.
Best to use a double-sided sheet of designer paper. If you invested in the Designer Series Paper Promotion from Stampin' Up!, then your bows will only cost .35 each. You are saving .13 per bow. Hey! Don't roll your eyes! If you make 24 bows, you'll save 3. 12. You could buy a snail refill or something.
Okay...You will need a 12 X 6 piece of double-sided paper. You will then cut 8 1" X 6" pieces. You will now have a 4" X 6" piece left. If you don't...well create a different kind of bow.
With the 4" X 6" piece you have left, you will need to first cut a 1" X 4" piece. Then you will need to cut 4 1" x 5" pieces.
Okay, if you attended the class you know what to do from there. If you didn't attend the class and want the rest of the instructions, I am happy to send you the rest of the information.
I know, that's lame, but I have very little time and 24 days left to freak out...

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