Thursday, January 17, 2008

Disney's Desperate Housewives

It's a beautiful Friday here in Northern Ohio. Sadly enough, when the sky is this blue this time of year, it's usually because it's too cold for clouds to form in the sky. It's supposed to be only 7 degrees on Sunday. You'd think we could catch a break on a Sunday!
I think this comic is funny. However, we totally love going to Disney World. In fact, I might try to start saving again to go. I think I'd even be willing to sell a kidney. That would make for a great trip. We could even stay in one of the resorts and I could get on the rides before everyone else because hey, I donated a kidney!
I'm not sure if donating a kidney would be better than donating a liver. Did you know that your liver grows back! I think that is so stinking amazing!
Can you tell I'm simply procrastinating the fact that I need to get on the "tread mule"? Blaine calls it the tread mule. Ethan tries to correct him, but I tend to correct Ethan because I don't want Blaine to stop using those kinds of terms.
Ethan until just recently called a cell phone a "cell-a-phone".
It's what it's all about!


ginny said...

We went on the Disney Cruise in December and 2 years ago to Disney World. Disney World is definitely worth every penny and I am with you about saving up to go again real soon!

cherrystones said...

We went at the same time as the VanWhy's a couple of years ago (by chance). It was fun. We met up every once in a while and hung out. The kids enjoyed it almost as much as Matt and I did.

Dawn Mercedes said...

You know, there are spectacular deals for staying in Disney Resorts during the month of September. Includes all of your meals too. Take a week off and live in lala land!

cherrystones said...

I wish. It's not easy getting the kids out of school for a week without paying dearly for it. I will say that private schools are a lot more accomodating, however. I was thinking over Thanksgiving...