Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Quick Visit with Dad and Pam

There wasn't any time for pictures, but we certainly will have a memory of this past weekend. My dad and step-mom were able to come for a very short weekend visit this weekend. I found incredible airline tickets for them and they took the offer and flew with it.

The boys were really happy to have a set of grandparents around and I was thrilled to see my dad and step-mom. Plus, it gave me a reason to throughouly clean the house.

On Sunday, we watched the Chargers beat the Colts which no one expected. I was kind of glad because it gave me hope to think the game of football isn't really rigged. We finally exchanged our Christmas gifts and that was so cool for the boys. We are all Charged up...each of us have a piece of San Diego Charger wear.

Monday, with permission, I let the boys stay home from school. I never do that, in fact it makes me quite nervous, but Ethan prepared himself ahead of time and it was all good.

We played educational games and had a great time. Dad and Pam were able to see the boys practice soccer and enjoyed that.

Dropped them off this morning at the airport and poor Blaine cried.

Closing off for now, Matt and I are going to check for flights for the Spring to go to San Diego.

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