Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hang in there...

Someday, I hope to have this portion of the basement furnished like the other half. Someone is going to come and build shelves and counterspace for me. Let me tell you, it's an icebox down there right now! Ugly picture #1

Ugly picture #2

Somewhat of an organized picture #3

Love my stamping organizers #4

I have been working on rearranging and straightening up my craft room after all of the Christmas preparations, soldier cards and overall madness that ends up in my room.

Now! For the record, this is not how bad it really is. I started rearranging furniture and tables, etc., so the room looks disastrous. In fact, I'm certain I could collect money from some sort of relief fund somewhere.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm speaking the truth and I'm actually quite meticulous about almost everything. In fact, it has at times made my husband question his yearning to be married to "Monk".

I will say, however, that 2 small boys and 1 big boy, working, churching, crafting, soccering, footballing, baseballing...all that will cause one to slow down quite rapidly and not be so worried about every little thing.

I also have a hard time starting new projects if the area around me is cluttered, so that is why I haven't had time or the desire to stamp recently.

Am I rambling a lot? I'm just really embarrassed about posting this picture. So I'm posting a couple of pictures to show you the work in progress. Please remember that furniture moving was the major reason for the mess. More pictures are coming later.

By the way, the stamping organizers that you are viewing have been made by my friend Bob. I have a lot of them in stock for purchase in my really clean side of my basement. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

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gremhog said...

you oughta list the price for that organizer. Do it ad on the side of your blog might work

I love it that you are Monk. I love Monk and I sure wish I would be more like him. Maybe that should be a resolve for 2008. wouldn't work for me but it sure does for you.